Extensive machine learning capabilities

Accelerate productivity with upgraded predictive scoring tools

Leverage predictive scoring tools in the new bpm’online 7.12 to accurately score any object in the system.

The new release of bpm’online 7.12 introduces extensive capabilities of predictive scoring that allow to automatically determine the probability of a specific target event based on the historical and real-time data.

Thanks to the cross-functional predictive scoring mechanism with tools for creating and setting up machine learning models, users are now able to configure a scoring model in any system section, which will enable them to make data-backed decisions and result in better overall productivity. For example, predictive lead scoring allows sales reps to swiftly define a lead’s readiness to be handed off to sales based on all data available on a specific lead. This will enable sales team to concentrate on the most mature and high quality leads.

Enhanced trigger campaigns and bulk email management tools

Leverage updated trigger campaigns and bulk email management tools to better market to your audience

Take advantage of the updated trigger campaigns to make campaign management even more effective and leverage new bulk email management tools to ensure personalized customer experience.

With the new tools in bpm’online, marketers are now able to schedule the ideal time for communication with their target audiences. The new campaign management features help users to:

  • flexibly adjust the start time and frequency of any campaign step with the help of a "Timer" element;
  • run campaigns for audiences in different time zones and schedule campaigns to automatically start and stop at a specified time according to the time zone with the help of delayed start functionality.

With bpm’online 7.12, it is much easier to manage bulk emails with the new “Recipients” field that displays a total number of the current bulk email recipients. The new version also provides users with the ability to send important service emails notifying about service updates or downtime to the contacts who unsubscribed from bulk marketing and promotional emails thanks to the “System email” checkbox.

Users can now effortlessly configure different language templates for emails in the system to help global companies more effectively communicate with their audiences. When sending an email to a client or a message to an employee, bpm’online will automatically select a template in the required language, taking into account the preferred communication language specified for a contact.

Users of bpm’online 7.12 will benefit from the revamped mass mail stats, with a cleaner and more informative interface, new dashboards with transcripts of most common email sending and delivery errors.

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Extended tools for business process management

Streamline business processes with extended BPM capabilities for process design, execution and optimization

Bpm’online’s new version offers new smart features to simplify the work with business processes at all stages: from initial configuration to execution and monitoring.

The latest release features tools that allow for adding and customizing business rules, as well as buttons for page fields (make them editable, required, hide certain fields, etc.). In addition, users can now customize pre-configured pages directly in the process designer.

To simplify business process debugging, bpm’online features a tracing mode which captures the values of process parameters and its elements at the time of process start and finish. In bpm’online 7.12, the interface of the “Process Library” section has been significantly improved. Now users can see more useful information on the properties page of the selected process, including:

  • for which processes the selected process is a subprocess;
  • list of Start Timers with information about the next process launch time, if the launch is scheduled;
  • list of object start signals, if the process is triggered by signals;
  • list of subprocesses with the ability to instantly switch to a required subprocess.

We also added the background process execution capability to enhance the user experience while performing resource-heavy process steps.

New tools to easily manage customer history

Make stronger data-backed decisions with a new Timeline tool

Users of bpm’online 7.12 will benefit from a new Timeline feature, which is designed to provide a quick overview of the history of an entire interaction with a client and on what stage in the pipeline the client is at a specific moment.

Timeline is available for various objects in bpm’online – contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, cases.

The Timeline displays all events connected with the current record, such as cases, calls, email threads, invoices, attachments, activities, etc., in a chronological order and includes a set of quick filters with the ability to preview records.

Smarter service case management capabilities

Simplify the registration and processing of incoming requests with smart case management tools

Enhanced service management capabilities enable users to simplify the process of registration and incoming requests processing.

The latest release features capabilities to quickly create a new case, based on the text from the client's email or based on a comment in the history of the existing case. In addition, the system offers capabilities to highlight the text and create a case based on a certain part of the email. This is very helpful, especially if several questions are asked in one email requiring involvement of different specialists for its resolution.

After the case registration, bpm’online will automatically reply to the email with a standard service email notification. The option is available for both emails and messages on the self-service portal.

Improved data management capabilities

Take advantage of more effective data management features

The newest version of bpm'online features the tools which help users to instantly find and more efficiently process all the required data: copy dynamic groups, hide outdated values of lookup fields, faster and easier set up columns in sections, more conveniently work with administrative mailboxes, and many more.

The Section and Detail wizard interfaces have been significantly improved. Now it's much easier for users to change the look and structure of the list (in both list and tiled view).

It is now possible to save changes in the Section Wizard without compilation, which greatly accelerates the creation of new sections and the modification of existing ones.

It is now much easier to segment customers and build resembling data extractions in any system section thanks to the ability to copy dynamic folders. In such a case, the system copies not only all the configured filtering conditions, but also the access rights to the folder.

Users will enjoy the ability to hide the irrelevant values of lookup fields, which helps to accelerate the system configuration and adoption.

In bpm’online 7.12, we’ve added the ability to export data to *.xlsx files that is available in section and detail lists, as well as in “List” dashboards.

Revamped analytics and reporting tools

Easily perform in-depth data analysis with extended analytics and reporting capabilities

We completely revamped the design of charts, metrics and dashboard panels to ensure a user can get the most out of analytics tools.

In addition to the updated layout, the latest release offers more powerful capabilities for working with data in "List" dashboards. The key enhancements include:

  • Users can add more than 23 columns to the “List” dashboards.
  • The list column titles stay at the top of the dashboard page when scrolling down.
  • The updated compact view of dashboards now displays more data. To make dashboards easier to view, a horizontal scroll bar has been added.
  • Records are now loaded dynamically in the “List” dashboards.

Powerful low-code integration capabilities

Integrate bpm'online with other systems without IT involvement with enhanced low-code integrations

Create a unified digital ecosystem effortlessly while integrating bpm’online with any third-party solution.

Bpm’online 7.12 version introduces new Web Services capabilities along with a new process element to enable users without specific IT skills to configure the integration of bpm'online with third-party systems.

With the help of the new “Call web service” element, a user can select a web service and its method to call and specify method parameters, which will be stored in the element and subsequently used in a specified business process. Users can also configure web service connection parameters and methods, and effectively process web service errors and timeouts.

For example, a user can easily set up a business process that will automatically update exchange rates in the “Currencies” lookup.


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Robust tools for developers

Accelerate change with powerful capabilities for developers

Bpm’online 7.12 allows for the development of configuration using the file content by adding * .js and * .css files to the package and working with them in the application. This enables developers to use standard approaches and development tools without the necessity to create custom schemes and edit them in the designer.

The ability to use a file content delivers two strong improvements for developers:

  • a possibility to utilize JavaScript code developed in external solutions while developing configuration in bpm’online;
  • an ability to add static content to CDN, which significantly simplifies the process of updating and fixing errors, and improves the performance of the user interface.

The main innovation for mobile development is the ability to control the mode and synchronization parameters in the offline mode through the API. For instance, developers now have the ability to export data without files by configuring a partial data synchronization. The public API enables either to limit the amount of transferred data based on the rules configured by the developer, or to run separate synchronization steps.

In the newest version, we have also greatly expanded the capabilities of the mobile application wizard by adding more tools for interface customization, which allow users to set up really engaging and user-friendly list views.

Marketplace apps, solutions and templates to accelerate productivity

Accelerate productivity with useful apps from bpm’online marketplace

In bpm’online 7.12, we added even more apps and templates that allow businesses from various industries to optimize their daily operations:

  • Kanban view for bpm’online
    A useful and intuitive visualization tool that allows you to turn lists of opportunities, cases, leads, projects, etc. into interactive pipelines, group them by stages and change stages with a simple drag-n-drop.
  • Beesender Chatbot Master
    This robust application allows both the operator and chatbots to communicate with customers through various messaging channels: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype or Beesender webchat (which can be used as an online chat support tool).
  • Poll management for bpm'online
    Poll management for bpm'online facilitates storing and managing information about surveys and polls in bpm'online: create polls and manage the questions order, customize the display of different polls and quickly collect analytics on the polls.
  • Franchise Management on bpm'online
    A comprehensive Franchise Management solution that provides franchisors with single-point access to the up-to-date franchise information, enables to plan and track performance of the business development teams and franchisees' activities, as well as to analyze the business results through explicit dashboards
  • Advanced schedule for shifts and flexible work hours management
    Advanced schedule for bpm'online allows for planning and scheduling activities for employees with shifts and flexible work timetable. The app enables to flexibly schedule employees working hours based on different templates and simultaneously display several employees' schedules in the "Activities" section among other useful functions.

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