Pharma CRM

Build stronger customer relationships and excel in customer engagement with bpm’online’s CRM for pharmaceutical industry

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Customer relationship management solution to bring patient care to the new level

Bpm’online offers a vertical CRM solution that enables pharmaceutical and life science companies to automate industry-specific business processes and improve customer experience.
Pharmaceutical companied leverage bpm’online CRM to automate processes and increase revenue by empowering their field force with tools for cycle activities planning, marketing, sales and comprehensive analytics.

  • Unified customer database

    A comprehensive CRM database allows for keeping a complete history of all customer interactions in one place.

    • Account and contact management
    • Interactions and communication history
    • Relations between customers
    • Data enrichment through social media
    • Smart duplicate search and merge to keep data clean and up-to-date
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online
  • Coordinated campaigns and marketing communications

    Bpm'online offers a set of tools for marketing automation and promotion of pharmaceutical products.

    • Segmentation and targeting
    • Campaign management
    • Event schedules and target audience management
    • Marketing resource management
    • Closed loop marketing tools
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online
  • Key account management

    Gain a better understanding of your key customers and take advantage of an account-based selling model.

    • Tools to identify key accounts and maintain successful communications with primary and specialty care clinics, preferred pharmacy networks, etc.
    • Develop relationship strategies and plan target activities with each of the key accounts
    • Market new products with a reduced time frame
    • Measure quality of relationship with each account
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online
  • Cycle activities planning

    Save your time and boost your efficiency with cycle activity planning.

    • Automatic scheduling of visits
    • Instant calculation of a number of possible visits taking into account rep’s schedule and workload
    • Preconfigured reports and graphs to perform the plan vs. actual analysis of key indicators for the results of the cyclic tasks
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online
  • Field force management

    Enable your field force employees to work smarter by providing them with mobile access to key information anywhere at any time.

    • Access to complete customer database
    • Automatic scheduling of visits
    • Route planner
    • Capabilities to view geographic locations (maps, GPS or GSM)
    • Offline mode
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online
  • Sales planning and sales process management

    Empower your sales efforts with vital information about sales plans and distribution channels.

    • Capabilities to automate industry specific processes
    • Sales automation tools to remain flexible in sales planning and instantly monitor plan execution
    • Unified database of products with detailed description for each drug that can be used to successfully plan sales, manage pricing, develop product-segment matrix, etc.
    • Automatic data import to analyze the results of the work with distributors and pharmacy networks
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online
  • Enhanced customer service

    Provide more efficient and effective service with an accurate and complete view of your customers across all channels.

    • Contact center automation
    • Registering cases and assigning an agent to work on the case
    • Monitoring the status and duration of the case resolution
    • Omnichannel service management
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online
  • Data-driven decisions and actionable insights

    Leverage a variety of tools for analyzing results and generating real time reports.

    • Interactive customizable dashboards for simplified analysis of long-term and short-term results
    • Preconfigured industry specific reports to analyze visits, plan vs. actual results, cyclic tasks, etc.
    • Custom report builder
    • KPI monitoring tools
    Pharma CRM by bpm'online

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